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Can anyone PLEASE let me know where I could possibly find legitimate witch symbols representing the 12 months of the year, the 7 days of the week, as well as symbols representing a specific year. I would be so grateful for any information. THANK YOU!!!!

Blessed Be!!

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I don't know about monthly symbols, but for the week it is the usual convention to use the planetary correspondence symbols, ie. sun, moon, mars, mercury, jupiter, venus and saturn.

Thank You Snowmoon, that is very helpful.
i havnt seen any symbols for each month and day but have come across these

month - a box with a cross in it
day - a staight line with a circle at the bottom - joined
I haven't heard of any such symbols either, but snowmoon has a good point when she mentiond the planetary correspondences for each day. May I also add, though we use a different calendar now, that the zodiac symbols would probably be what you are seeking for monthy symbols.

I know of with symbols for the four seasons but not for each month and besides, the Julian calender and the witches lunar calender are different.


The common or Julian calender is based on solar activity.



theres a picture i have on my page i think its of asymbol it was anecklace given to meas a givft they said it ment somethin it looks familiar but I cant figure it out. somone could help I'd be greatly apprecaitive. thanks

go to and look under wicca. They also have fonts for theban, futhark, and bethluisnion.


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